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#WATTBO | Focusing on your craft is dedication. Singer and visual artist Kallitechnis speaks on the sacrifices she made to prosper in her fresh music career. Discover more about...

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What’s Beef Episode

#WATTBO | How far is too far? The guys comment on the first round of the infamous rap beef between Pusha T and Drake. Discover more about Wattbo by...

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Building An Empire Episode

#WATTBO | Meeting with T, the brain and founder of Exclucity, one of the most influential sneaker boutique in Canada. Discover more about Wattbo by signing up to our...

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The Leap of Faith Episode (feat. Jordan Lajoie & Pascal Le Courtois from Lajoie Leather Goods)

#WATTBO | Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. The creatives from Lajoie go in-depth in the different stages they personally took to leave their careers in...

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The Startup Episode (feat. Joah Spearman from Localeur)

#WATTBO | Joah Spearman is a serial entrepreneur. His latest venture , @Localeur aims to help travelers experience cities around the globe like true locals would. Along with Marcus...

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The Wrighteous Episode (feat. Jacky Wright)

#WATTBO | Jacky Wright has worked on numerous projects. From managing his mother, author Thelma Wright, to working with actor Micheal B. Jordan, this kid from Philly touched on...

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Politics As Usual (feat. The Narcy)

#WATTBO | In this sit down, Narcy (artist, journalist and teacher at Concordia) goes in depth on the origins and the source of his activism. He also shares his...

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