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The Black Queens & Kings Episode (feat. Danielle Murrell Cox)

#WATTBO | Danielle Murrell Cox, author of Black Queens Colouring book (a book featuring avatars of often underrepresented POCs) is a talented Montreal graphic artist who took the idea...

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Transitions Episode (feat. Setiz Taheri from Atelier New Regime)

#WATTBO | This week, Setiz Taheri, One of the brains behind the Montreal based clothing Brand New Regime met with Naskademini. The creatives went over the different levels to...

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The Potential Episode (feat. Chris Penrose)

#WATTBO | Toronto writer Chris Penrose was in town and stopped by our studios to catch up with Naskademini. They chatted about Naska’s 2016 Installation #HanginPicturesOnMyWall and the multifaceted...

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The return of photographer Neil Watson

Part two of our discussion with photographer Neil Watson. On this episode Naskademini talks with Neil about culling your work and the process of creating. Discover more about Wattbo...

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Ghost Face Live At Project Show

On this special edition of Wattbo, Marcus Troy speaks with fashion icon and entertainer Ghostface Killah from Wu-tang Clan. This episode takes place live from the PROJECT trade show...

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Black Creative Freedom Episode (feat. Female Department)

#WATTBO | February. Black History Month. In this episode, Naskademini and Marcus Troy are joined by the ladies from Female Department to touche on the importance of including black...

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Survivor : Journey from being diagnosed with Cancer

#wattbo | On this episode Naskademini talks to entrepreneur, business consultant, wellness warrior and Cancer Survivor Monique Bryan. This heartfelt exchange covers Monique’s journey from being diagnosed with breast...

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